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How to Print without a border in Photoshop: PC and Mac

To make a print in Photoshop, without the white margin showing on your paper, you have to activate the borderless … Read more
clear multiple smart filters

How to Delete Smart Filters from a Layer in Photoshop

You can delete all the smart filters on a layer by selecting the layer (make sure this is the correct … Read more
filter gallery

What is the Filter Gallery in Photoshop

The Filter Gallery allows you to apply certain effects to your image. You can access the filter gallery through the … Read more
photoshop quote picture

How to Make a Quote Picture in Photoshop

Photoshop has a good set of tools for crafting text onto a photo. It does not have as many text-based … Read more
duplicate layer illustrator

How To Duplicate Layers in Adobe Illustrator

You can duplicate layers on Illustrator through the following steps: Select the layer you want to duplicate in the layers … Read more
hide objects outside artboard

How To Hide Objects Outside the Artboards in Illustrator

 In illustrator, objects can be stacked outside the artboards and dragged into them when necessary. This can be however distracting … Read more
adding and removing anchor point

How to Add Anchor Points in Illustrator- Easy method

In Adobe Illustrator you can add anchor points by selecting a path using the selection tool (A) then with the … Read more
removing perspective grid tool

How To Get Rid of Perspective Grid in Adobe Illustrator

You can remove the perspective grid in Illustrator through the following steps:  Go to the View menu on the top … Read more
how to change background in photoshop

How to photoshop a picture onto a background

Knowing how to edit the background of an image in Photoshop is an essential skill you need as a digital … Read more

Can’t edit gradient on Illustrator: How to fix

Users who experience trouble with the gradient tool on Illustrator report that they are unable to click on the tool, … Read more
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