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How to clear recent files in Photoshop CC

If you’re at the edge of your wits, and the recent files popping up every time you launch Photoshop is poking you off the cliff, or you’re making a presentation for graphics undergrads and you don’t want some of your embarrassing projects to go viral, this tutorial is for you. Here is a video and written instructions on how to remove the recent files list in Photoshop CC, showing two quick and easy methods; how to remove them temporarily or permanently.

Clear recent files temporarily

Go to File>Open Recent> Select Clear Recent File List

It’s that easy! The recent files are gone, but as time goes by and you start new documents, Photoshop will generate a new list. To stop this, keep reading.

Clear recent files permanently

  1. Go to Edit> Preferences> General
  2. In the dialog box, check “Disable the Home Screen” which will change the Start Workspace on Launch.
  3. You may then also check “Use Legacy Document New Interface” which will give you the old interface that older versions of Photoshop used.
  4. Relaunch Photoshop CC and the changes will have taken effect. The Home page is gone and the traditional workspace is the first thing you see.

I hope you found this helpful! Good luck with your next project!

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