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some clipping may occur. Photoshop cropping

How To Resize Your Canvas in Photoshop Without Cropping

Resizing the canvas in Photoshop is a useful tool, but it can be frustrating when it crops your image. This … Read more
merge shapes

How to Join Paths in Photoshop

Working with paths in photoshop can be frustrating especially if you are used to Adobe Illustrator. There is no straightforward … Read more
resize selection

How To Crop While Keeping Your Aspect Ratio in Photoshop

When it comes to cropping photos in Photoshop, maintaining the aspect ratio of the original image can be crucial. Fortunately, … Read more
select crop tool

Crop an Image in Photoshop Without Changing the Canvas Size

Cropping an image is a fundamental part of photo editing, and Photoshop offers a range of tools to achieve this. As … Read more

Understanding Smart Objects and How to Use Them in Photoshop

Smart Objects are a powerful feature in Adobe Photoshop that can help you work more efficiently and effectively in a … Read more
convert to smart object

How to Paste in Photoshop Without Creating a New Layer

Photoshop won’t let you paste directly onto another image, shape or smart object layer. You will usually have to merge … Read more

How to Print without a border in Photoshop: PC and Mac

To make a print in Photoshop, without the white margin showing on your paper, you have to activate the borderless … Read more
clear multiple smart filters

How to Delete Smart Filters from a Layer in Photoshop

You can delete all the smart filters on a layer by selecting the layer (make sure this is the correct … Read more
filter gallery

What is the Filter Gallery in Photoshop

The Filter Gallery allows you to apply certain effects to your image. You can access the filter gallery through the … Read more
photoshop quote picture

How to Make a Quote Picture in Photoshop

Photoshop has a good set of tools for crafting text onto a photo. It does not have as many text-based … Read more
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