Illustrator Compatibility Guide

Is Illustrator compatible with Windows 11?

Yes, Illustrator is compatible with Windows 11. However, it may not support all Windows 11 display features and UI elements. The Adobe Website has information on compatibility of all its applications with the latest version of windows.

If you upgrade to Windows 11, ensure you operate in a test environment to ensure that workflows and configurations work as they are supposed to.

Is Illustrator compatible with Big Sur?

Illustrator can work on Big Sur but you may experience some compatibility issues. Adobe recommends that you do your own testing to ensure that new operating systems work with your current hardware and drivers.

Older versions of Illustrator (older than CC 2021) may not work on Big Sur. You should consider uninstalling older versions of Illustrator if you look to upgrade to Big Sur, as you may experience issues with uninstalling if you do it after. If you are working on a Big Sur device and seek to upgrade, you should first save your work and back it up to ensure it remains intact.

Is photoshop compatible with big sur?

Is Illustrator compatible with the m1 chip?

Yes, Illustrator can run on an Apple computer that uses the M1 chip.  Illustrator runs faster on an M1 chip computer. An additional update ensures that you can rotate the view on the desktop. Illustrator runs 80% faster on an M1 computer compared to an Intel-based Mac.

You can easily perform tasks such as dealing with vector illustrations and complex artboards.

Is Illustrator compatible with Chromebook?

Adobe Illustrator is not available for Chrome OS. However, you can install an alternative software called Gravit Designer which is available for free.

Is Illustrator compatible with tablets?

Yes, Illustrator is compatible with tablets. You will need a powerful tablet. The iPad Pro gives a digital artist a lot of processing power. You can do a lot of creative processing in a short amount of time with vector graphics.

Most tablets allow Illustrators to draw using pens. The pen provides accuracy and the screen provides easiness. Tablets solve the issue of realism and accuracy.

Is Illustrator compatible with Windows 8.1?

Illustrator CC 18 and 19 are fully supported on Windows 8.1. You can easily run older versions of Illustrator on Windows 8.1 without much trouble. The latest versions of Illustrator are also compatible with Windows 8.1 according to the Adobe website.

If you are a Creative Cloud user, you will receive regular update notifications that will prompt you to install the latest versions to improve the performance of all Adobe products on your computer.

Is Illustrator compatible with Windows 7?

The 2021 version of Illustrator and later do not work on Windows 7. You can install Adobe Illustrator on a Windows 7 computer, but in order to get it to run you will also need to update the operating system. The Creative Cloud applications only offer updates when your OS is supported. As long as you receive constant updates, it proves that your system can handle it.


Illustrator is compatible with many operating systems such as Windows 11, 10, and 8.1, Big Sur. Adobe has not yet released a version of Creative Cloud that works on Chromebook. You can use Illustrator on any powerful android or iPad tablet device. The latest update of Adobe Illustrator, 23.1 is not compatible with a Windows 7 device. In order to keep receiving updates, you have to change to the later OS versions.