Filter Gallery Is Greyed out in Photoshop: Solved

Your filter gallery is greyed-out or is inactive in Photoshop because:

  1. Your image is in 16-bit or 32-bit channel.
  2. Your image is in CMYK mode instead of RGB.
  3. Your selected layer is locked.

How to fix greyed-out filter gallery in Photoshop

If you’re working on a 16-bit or 32-bit channel, you need to change your image to 8-bit. Do this by going to Image -> Mode -> 8 Bits/Channel. This will make the filter gallery available again.

change to 8-bits channel and rgb color

If you’re working on a CMYK image, you need to change your image to RGB. Do this by going to Image -> Mode -> RGB Color. If the option “Convert to sRGB” is available on the dialog box then you should also change this option as well (this is because photoshop uses the sRGB color space by default and converting will result in better quality). This will make the filter gallery available again.

If your selected layer is locked, there will be a lock icon on your layer in the layers panel. To unlock your layer, right-click on the layer and select “Unlock Layer”. This will make the filter gallery available again. You can also click the lock icon in the layers panel options. If this was the issue, the filter gallery will be active now.

how to unlock layer in photoshop

If any of these fixes don’t work, reach out to the adobe support team.

What is the Filter Gallery in Photoshop?

The Filter Gallery allows you to apply certain effects to your image. You can access the filter gallery by going to Filter -> Filter Gallery… Here you can apply many different effects to your image such as a colored pencil, cutout, accented edges, and much more.

Every filter in the Filter Gallery is a smart filter, which means that you can apply multiple filters to the same layer (as long as it’s a smart object) and each will be non-destructive to your image (since smart filters don’t affect your original image).

To change your layer to a smart object, right-click the layer and select “Convert to Smart Object”. Now you can apply filters non-destructively.

How to delete smart filters from your layer

You can delete all the smart filters on a layer by selecting the layer (make sure this is the correct layer) and going to Layer -> Smart Filters -> Clear smart filters.

You can delete each filter by right-clicking the filter and selecting “Delete Filter”. If you wish to only hide the smart filter temporarily, click the eye icon on the smart filter in the layers panel.


The filter gallery of Photoshop is greyed-out because either the image is in 16-bit or 32-bit channel, the image mode is CMYK instead of RGB, or the selected layer is locked.

The solutions to these problems are changing the image to 8-bits per color channel, changing the image to RGB mode and then converting it into sRGB color space if necessary, and unlocking the layer if it is locked.

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