Why Photoshop Takes so Long to Install

Photoshop may be taking too long to install because your internet is slow or keeps disconnecting, your computer is slow, the Photoshop download is large or Adobe servers are overloaded or down.
Photoshop is a large file to install and will take time even on a relatively fast internet connection.

Photoshop requires a minimum of 3GB of free hard disk space (depending on the version you are installing) and can take several gigabytes depending on the options you install. With say an internet download speed of 1MBps, it will take an hour or more to download and install the program.

Photoshop is not simple to download, unlike most other software that is downloaded. Photoshop is an amalgamation of files in many formats, which may be compressed and encrypted and require extraction. This process alone can take an hour on slow broadband connections.

Slow PC

Photoshop is installed on your computer through the creative cloud app. Creative cloud takes a significant portion of your processing power if you have a low-end pc (4GB RAM or less). If CC is struggling to run, the download process can be slow.

The download process, as well as installation, can also be affected by Adobe servers being temporarily overloaded or down. This will affect everyone trying to use the creative cloud app, not just yourself.
Try and be patient and give it a few hours or leave your computer running overnight.

If you think it has taken way too long, reboot your PC and try and start the installation again.

How Long Does Photoshop take to install?

Photoshop will take 30 minutes to 5 hours to install depending on how fast your internet is, how large the download is and how fast your computer is. Creative Cloud (CC) installation time will be quicker than CS4, CS5, or CS6 install times as the program has been optimized to install faster.

If you are downloading from the official Adobe site, you’ll be using the Creative Cloud app to install. If the app crashes or freezes for too long, and your internet connection is fast, cancel the setup and close the app. Proceed to reboot your device and try again. Close other running apps to allow Creative Cloud more processing power.

Make sure you also have at least 10GB of free space on your computer even though Photoshop asks for less.

How can I download Photoshop faster?

You can download Photoshop faster by using a fast ethernet connection. Also, make sure no other apps are running and ensure you have enough free hard disk space on your computer, at least 10GB so you don’t encounter any storage problems. Installing through the Creative Cloud app is faster than using other installer files and programs.

Why won’t my Adobe Photoshop install?

Photoshop is not installing because your internet is too slow, you do not have enough hard disk space, your computer is slow or the program has bugs. If Photoshop isn’t installing or Creative cloud keeps crashing, reboot your computer and try again. Give it a few hours to install.

If it still won’t install, uninstall Creative cloud and delete any downloaded files. Go to the official Adobe site and download the most up-to-date Creative Cloud app or Photoshop installer.

How many times can you install Photoshop?

Photoshop allows you to install Photoshop on up to two computers. You can install it on a third computer by signing out of Creative Cloud on one of your other computers. You can only be signed in on two computers at a time.

How big is Photoshop?

Photoshop’s installation size is between 3GB and 5GB depending on the version you are installing. Photoshop installation size on Mac is generally larger than on PC. Find out more on the specific version sizes and photoshop’s system requirements to run.


As mentioned previously, the main cause of the installation time is a slow internet connection. Other causes may be due to your computer being slow and or having low storage space available. Rebooting your computer and repeating the installation process may be enough to get Photoshop installed on your computer faster.

If you are using Creative Cloud, make sure you have a fast internet connection, your computer is fast and you have enough free hard disk space. If the installation process still fails, uninstall Creative Cloud and download it again from Adobe’s official site. This will ensure that you are downloading an updated version that works with your operating system (PC or Mac).

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